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Ticked Off?

Summer, it’s almost everyone’s favorite time of the year! The sun is shining, and the wind is blowing just right to keep you cool. Don’t let this peaceful setting fool you though, ticks and fleas thrive during this time of year and we here at Charisma are going to give you and your pets a few tips to avoid those pesky parasites! First off even though these tips are widely used it’s always best to consult a veterinarian in regards to what medication would be best for your furry friends.

The first tip that you should always take into consideration is frequently washing your pet beds. It’s common for ticks and fleas to hitch a ride inside your home and stopping them producing will be a major help. Washing your linens and bed sheets that are often exposed to your pet may also help to prevent the spread of the parasites. It’s a common thing done anyway but little things like these work miracles in the long run. Besides, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh linens?

The next tip is fairly simple but some people may not think much of it. Mowing your lawn frequently can really help. Ticks especially are harder to avoid in tall grass and once they’re on they won’t let go without good reason. Simply mowing your lawn and even possibly spraying it with vet-approved pesticides can prevent them from being hard to spot before it’s too late. More so for dogs, but a yard is a busy place for our pets and keeping it pest free should always be a priority.

The final tip that we leave you with is always to be alert. Ticks and fleas can be stopped by many different ways but there’s no better way than the old-fashioned eye. Keeping a constant eye on your pets and checking them at least once a week will drastically prevent their chances of getting infections from these pests. Trails are a popular place to pick up ticks and such so when you’re out and about be on the lookout for things that could harm you or your pet.

Posted by: CHARISMA PROPERTY MANAGMENT on June 12, 2017
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