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Take a Chance!

One of the scariest things about graduating from high school is deciding where you want to go from there. If you’re dead set on going to college then go for it! Shoot for the stars and hope you don’t fall. Maybe you’ll stay with your parents. Personally, I enjoy the idea of freedom and right to do what I want when I want. Without having your own place that can be pretty complicated. With that being said it brings me to my next topic, renting for young adults.

Renting at such a young age can be terrifying. If you’re going out on your own with no experience then hopefully this guide can help you get prepared before going headfirst into a lease that’ll leave you trapped. Some key things to look out for when deciding on a property are location, pricing, requirements, and even pet policies. If you’re younger than 21 then chances are your credit probably won’t be the greatest either, luckily that’s where your parents can come into play. A lot of times you’ll need some kind of cosigner when you have poor or no credit. It’s unfortunate but every rental company will do the same. Luckily cosigners can swoop in and save the day. Most of the time your parents will be the best bet, they know you the most and will probably be able to trust you with such a large responsibility.

First things first. You’re finally ready to go out on your own and get a place for yourself. Often times apartments can seem easy to get due to rent pricing but don’t forget the cost doesn’t just stop there. Living on your own means having to buy little things that you use everyday but don’t really notice. For example, you’ll be responsible for your paper towels, toilet paper, groceries, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, the list goes on and on. Don’t let those things deter you from moving in though, you just have to be smart about it. budgeting is a very important thing, work hard and save money, the more you have set aside before you move in, the better off you’ll be.

Secondly, always make sure you’re mentally prepared. Are you really going to be able to do this alone, if not do you have a roommate that can split the cost with you? A close friend or a significant other can really make things easier when it comes to getting your own place. Word of caution though, if you’re in a newer relationship, maybe moving in together isn’t a good idea. Don’t get me wrong it could work, but are you sure you’re ready to spend the next 12 months with that person? If things go south then somebody is probably going to leave, which leaves the rent to be rested upon another’s shoulders. If you’re going to tackle this move in with a partner then make sure you’re both ready. Whether it’s a friend or a significant other, be ready for anything.

Third, make sure that both names are on the lease! This is probably one of the most crucial things about renting with a friend. If one of you cracks under pressure then when things get rough it may not go well. Imagine being 7 months into your lease and suddenly your roommate decides to leave because things got hard. Now you’re responsible for everything by yourself, rent, groceries, utilities, everything. That’s not a position that anyone would want to put themselves in. Having both names on the lease assures that no one can be abandoned.

Last but not “lease” See what I did there? All awful puns aside make sure you enjoy the process. You’re looking for a home, not just an apartment. Making the move is something you have to be 100% sure of. There are no take-backs in the real world. Don’t settle for anything you’re not absolutely in love with. Renting should be an exciting experience, not something you fear. So go out there and apply for what fits you best. You won’t regret it.  

Posted by: CHARISMA PROPERTY MANAGMENT on July 13, 2017
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