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Sioux Falls Fair

One of my favorite things about the fair is the food. Who doesn’t love fair food? It’s a sugar overload but who cares? When you’re knee deep in kids running around screaming and yelling, who doesn’t want to stuff their face with a nice funnel cake? The point of the fair is really just to get away for a little bit. The moments where you can just sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of pure-hearted fun is truthfully a grand feeling.

The Sioux Falls Fair will be ending this Friday so it’s important to get out and enjoy it while it’s still here! People from all over South Dakota make the commute to come out and see the fair. The flashing lights, the twirling rides, the sunset you get to witness while riding on the Ferris wheel. It’s all a sight that no one should miss. Not to mention the Carnie games. You’ll usually have a slim to no chance of winning but it’s worth the try, right? We here at Charisma adore local activities like these and taking advantage of the times to do them are essential. So make sure you get out while the weather is still perfect and enjoy some time with your friends and family! That’s what the fair is all about!

Posted by: CHARISMA PROPERTY MANAGMENT on August 10, 2017
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